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Wilderness Cabins

Is a great place to retreat to. Whether you're a couple, a family or a group, our place is a great spot for base camp for whatever activity you have planned, or just to get away. Wilderness Cabins has been appropriately named. We are in the widerness. We live in a fragile environment with lawns and garens for your enjoyment. We abut 750,000 acres of White Mountain National Forest, also for your enjoyment.

Our 6 cabins

Are all unique in their own way, but all are equipped with gas lights, stove, refridgerators, heat & hotwater. All have showers, flush toilets, as well as pots, pans, dishes, coffee pots (Melida). All linens, pillows & blankets are provided. You only need to bring towels, food, flash lights or battery operated lanterns, if you wish

As we are located beyond utility lines, we generate our own electricity. The generator is turned on at dusk for a short period. Because of power limitations, electrical appliances such as electric fry pans, electric coffee makers, and hair dryers are NOT permitted. The generator is used primarily to pump water. We sell a variety of necessities: aspirin, batteries, film, flashlights and more.
The unique character and location of the Wilderness Cabins allows us to offer you a rustic and relaxed atmosphere. It is truly a wildlife extravaganza. Just outside your door, moose, bear, deer, birds and other wildlife surround you. There is a wide variety of activities to do here in the White Mountain National Forest, as well as in the
Mt. Washington Valley, such as:

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